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On modern “counterculture”

The modern counterculture, if such a thing even exists and can be described as such, is a generation of youth brought up in the face of global economic/social turmoil and amidst heightened awareness of such troubles seeking to both create and fulfill a generational identity.

The broader scope of the world and exposure to different subcultures facilitated by technology and global interconnection (the internet) gives us exploratory access to a multitude of different views of the human identity. Brought up with access to the identity of the ages, we somehow in this seem to lack one of our own. This coupled with the quickly changing and adapting, transitional age we’re living amidst creates an uncertainty distinct to our own generation.

The counterculture seeks to react assertively to this uncertainty, and formulate a zeitgeist based on transmitting the broadness of our scope into something distinctive. It is about transforming the absurdity and tragedy in our current directionless condition into transcendence and purpose through arts and cohesive sociopolitical influence.

This is ideally speaking; the basis for such a counterculture exists but has yet to come into fruition as our generation now reacts to these issues in different ways. These subsets range from the cynical, apathetic, bleak detachment of internet niche dwellers reacting in callous abandonment of mainstream culture to the escapist, hedonistic attitudes of a youth caught in the temporal haze of mainstream culture, a world fueled by alcohol, clubbing, EDM, and pop positive psychology.

Such a movement could come into fruition in a plethora of different ways, but all in all the first step is the coalescence and acknowledgment of this collective condition.
It would be artistic and subversive in nature, cynical but intimately genuine, a movement of merging dichotomies so as to blur the cultural lines drawn in the myriad of electronic stimuli in front of us.

Unfortunately, me and others like me are timidly waiting in speculation of the above; the above claims lack a concrete backbone at best and are idealistic, grandiose bits of nonsense at worse.

Regardless, something needs to be done and a catalyst is necessary. So, what can we do to incite such a movement? The first step is to continue to be socially conscious and artistically expressive. The next step of gaining the cohesion necessary to make an impact is more difficult and may warrant more time to evolve. Either way, I’m curious to see how a modern “counterculture” may play out, if at all. And I’m not going to abandon these ideas without trying to enact them first.

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